How it works?

Tweenjoy allows you to write text with more than 140 characters creating an attached image for your tweet. You can personalize your tweet as you like changing font size, colors even selecting background images relating with sport, love, christmas...

HOW IT WORKS? It´s very easy

  1. Sign in (remember that you need a Twitter account if you want to use Tweenjoy)
  2. Write the text for your tweet in the first field. We are not referring to the long text in the image, but the normal tweet text (a simple message using #hashtag, @yourfriend...)
  3. Write the long text (1000 characters max.) in the second field. We will generate an attached image to your tweet with this text.
  4. Personalize the text for your tweet. You can change font size, color and much more. Use Background button to select a nice background image for your tweet.
  5. Use Preview button to previsualize your tweenjoy.
  6. Send it to Twitter using Tweet button.

In these videos you can see how to create tweets with more than 140 characters and how to customized them.