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How to write tweets longer than 140 characters with backgrounds

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Add an optional header image to your tweet

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We recommend a height of 300px maximum

How to improve your long tweets? Select a image pattern in the list below and Tweenjoy will create a nice background for your long tweet. Use Preview button at bottom of page to previsualize the result until get your final tweet design. Then, press Tweet button for sending to Twitter. If you finally don't need an image pattern for your long tweet you can unselect it just clicking on the selected image.


Hi there!

Tweenjoy allows you to send longer tweets to Twitter with more than 140 characters. Before you can use it, you must be logged into Twitter. So, first, press the "Sign in Twitter" button and enter user/password in the Twitter popup windows. It is necessary because we need a Twitter token authorization in order to be able to post your long tweet in your account.

The point of Tweenjoy is that you can post longer (more than 140 characters limit) and funny tweets in Twitter WITHOUT using external links, so your friends will see your tweet directly on Twitter. Tweenjoy provides you some backgrounds to personalize your ideas and messages, for example, you can design birthday congratulations for friends, you can personalize your opinion about any sport, etc. and always extending your tweets beyond the 140 characters text limit.

And remember... Tweenjoy will NEVER store your password. :)